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Sunny 16 Rule - ORWO CHROM UT21

Exposure with extended sunny 16 rule

Too many words already said about the sunny 16 rule. But, I’ve discovered an old user manual which was included in each box with ORWO CHROM UT21, a…

SMC PENTAX 67 MACRO 1:4 135mm

Lens #2: Pentax 67 135mm F4 Macro

Initially, I had no plans to buy Pentax 67 135mm F4 Macro lens but could not resist the temptation when I saw it at a bargain price in…

SMC PENTAX 67 1:2.8 90mm

Lens #1: Pentax 67 90mm F2.8

It so happened that when I got my first Pentax 67 many years ago it was equipped with Pentax 67 90mm F2.8 lens. Eventually, this led to a…

Pentax 6X7 Bayonet mount filter 67mm skylight

Pentax 67: Bayonet-mount filters

Bayonet-mount filters are another useful and interesting accessory for Pentax 67 lenses. While doing mostly black-and-white photography, it is almost impossible to go without special color filters helping…

Pentax adapter 645 for 67 lens

Pentax 67 lens to Pentax 645 body adapter

One of the most interesting accessories for the Pentax 67 system is a lens adapter for Pentax 645. You can now buy for cheap the body of its…

Pentax 67 Macro Extension Tubes

Pentax 67 Extension tubes & Exposure compensation

All extension tubes are designed to enable a camera lens to focus closer than a lens minimum object distance (MOD) for more magnification. Pentax 67 extension tubes are…

Super-Multi-Coated TAKUMAR/6X7 90mm F2.8 Leaf Shutter

Leaf Shutter Lens: Takumar 6X7 90mm F2.8

I am often asked why I don’t do a review of a Takumar 6X7 90mm 2.8 lens with a leaf shutter (LS) and compare it to a late…

Pentax 67 MLU stuck mirror repair

Mirror stuck repair in Pentax 6X7/67 cameras

Mirror stuck up is a common problem of old Pentax 6X7/67 cameras when their mirror gets stuck in upper position after the shutter has fired and remained open….

Sunking 4LR44, Varta 4SR44, Kodak PX28 and 4pcs GP LR44

Four LR44 button cells as replacement for PX28 battery

It is an open secret that Pentax 6X7 and 67 don’t run without power. While their mirror and cloth curtains are mechanically driven, they are in fact electrically…

Mamiya RB67 & RZ67 G2 bellows hood set on Pentax 67 90mm F2.8

Universal lens hood for Pentax 67 lenses

I’ve extensively used my Pentax 6X7 and 67 cameras for many years and especially like their high speed lenses — 90mm F2.8, 105mm F2.4, 150mm F2.8 and 165mm…

Kodak D-76 Developer, Revelateur, Entwickler, Rivelatore, Revelador

Film developing with Kodak D-76

Kodak D-76 is a classic and truly versatile developer which first entered the market in 1927. It provides full emulsion speed, long density range and excellent shadow detail…

Liquid light prints example. © Sasha Krasnov

Liquid emulsion printing process in a nutshell

The liquid emulsion is also known as liquid light is the gelatin silver light-sensitive liquid photographic emulsion that is used in alternative photography printing processes based on applying…

6x7 and 6x6 formats example on 120 film type by Sasha Krasnov

12 reasons why I still shoot film

Why am I doing film photography in the digital era? There are many reasons for this. In a nutshell, I like the aesthetics of film photography and the…