Guido Damiani is a descendant of a renowned Italian family of jewelers, who is now in charge of the cult Damiani brand. Established in 1924 in Italy, its unique creations have been worn by screen legends such as Sophia Loren and Sharon Stone.

Guido Damiani, jeweller. Official portrait © Sasha Krasnov Photography

Although Guido did not follow in the steps of his father and grandfather when it comes to the jewelry craft, it is he who managed to boost Damiani’s popularity after he came aboard the family business in 1994.

I was invited to take a portrait of Guido Damiani for an article in a lifestyle magazine during his visit to Moscow for the opening of his first store.

I was preparing seriously for the photoshoot. I looked through a lot of different materials and decided that I would shoot a ceremonial portrait that should most closely correspond to the subject of the article.

Guido Damiani, jeweller, noir-styled portrait © Sasha Krasnov Photography

Details, as usual, should be decided in accordance with the situation that will be on the location.

I will not get into much detail but will note that I shot a roll of film, and already during the shooting, I had the feeling that everything should work out. However, I decided to stay for the interview to observe it and, possibly, take additional photographs.

The interview took place in a small room, the only source of light in which was a lamp with an aluminum reflector hanging over the table.

The light from it fell almost vertically and created a very interesting black and white pattern on Damiani’s face. I had one Fujifilm Neopan 1600 left, which I often took with me in case of photoshoots with available light. I loaded it into my camera and began to shoot.

Then, when I developed the film, the result exceeded all my expectations. It so often happens that the simplest light or even the one you can get at the moment is “more interesting” than you can create artificially.


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