Liquid emulsion, also known as Liquid Light, is a silver-based light-sensitive liquid photographic emulsion used in alternative photography. In this section, I publish articles and examples of my own printing experiments with liquid emulsion. This complex and multistage process allows looking at the image from a different perspective.

Liquid emulsion prints - Curonian Spit © Sasha Krasnov

Curonian Spit // Photography prints

The Curonian Spit is a completely unique place. This thin sand-dune spit stretching for almost 100 km, with natural landscapes created by time and wind, is distinguished by…

Liquid emulsion prints - The City of New York (c) Sasha Krasnov

New York // Photography prints

At first, I planned to write a very detailed blog entry about my trip to New York but when I put all the prints together and tossed out…

Liquid emulsion prints - Street photography (c) Sasha Krasnov

Street photography prints

Those who see my street photography images often ask me why cities in my images look so deserted and people are almost always alone as if there is…

Liquid emulsion prints - Venice (c) Sasha Krasnov

Venice // Photography prints

I initially thought about writing a short introduction about Venice and its canals. But then I decided to abandon this idea because they are a well-known phenomenon and…

Liquid light prints example. © Sasha Krasnov

Liquid emulsion printing process in a nutshell

The liquid emulsion is also known as liquid light is the gelatin silver light-sensitive liquid photographic emulsion that is used in alternative photography printing processes based on applying…