Liquid emulsion

Liquid emulsion, also known as Liquid Light, is a silver-based light sensitive liquid photographic emulsion used in alternative photograph. In this section I publish articles about my experiments with it and examples of my work.

Street Photography Black and White Art Prints

Street photo // Art prints

The Cupid This picture shows a charming Cupid gearing up for action. However, in real life this white-faced man is not a Cupid, but a mime. Every day…

Venice Black and White Photography Art Prints by Sasha Krasnov

Venice // Art prints

I initially thought about writing a short introduction about Venice and its canals. But then I decided to abandon this idea because they are a well-known phenomenon and…

Liquid light prints example. © Sasha Krasnov

Liquid emulsion printing process in a nutshell

Liquid emulsion also known as liquid light is the gelatin silver light sensitive liquid photographic emulsion that is used in alternative photography printing processes based on applying it…