Georgy Kolosov is, unfortunately, not as famous worldwide as he deserves to be. But he is very dedicated to his life-work. He belongs to a rare type of modern pictorialist photographers, has been successfully using this technique for many years.

Georgy Kolosov, photographer. Георгий Колосов, фотограф © Sasha Krasnov - Portrait Photographer

Although I cannot describe myself as a big fan of soft focus lenses, I take a big interest in his works. I find them interesting primarily as modern-day studies of old equipment which is usually no longer in use as he finds clever ways to give it a new lease of life. Particularly interesting are his works on religious subjects.

It is worth noting that from the historical perspective pictorial photography is large-format photography in the first place. But Georgy Kolosov works with 35mm cameras alone and lenses, which he assembles himself, taking components from other lenses in a bid to achieve a certain kind of image.

// Sasha Krasnov