Patrick Demarchelier. Photographer

Legendary photographer Patrick Demarchelier is best known for his portraits of Princess Diana. They are remarkable indeed, as well as many other of his works.

A Moscow-based photography museum, The Moscow House of Photography, has held several exhibitions of his photographs. But only in 2013, Patrick Demarchelier was able to personally attend one of them and deliver a lecture, which was a must for any person interested in photography.

After the lecture, I tried to make his portrait, but the room was so crowded that I ended up being surrounded by people willing to get his autograph or take a photo with him.

In the picture I finally managed to take, Patrick Demarchelier is having a chat with Olga Sviblova, the museum’s director, a very energetic woman who does a lot for such meetings to happen. The second photo was taken as Demarchelier was signing an autograph.


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  1. Julio Martínez Amoros

    Enhorabuena, unas fotos muy interesantes, me gusta la poca profundidad de campo. excelentes teniendo en cuenta el entorno nlas que se hicieron.
    Gracias por su blog.

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