Anatoly Karpov, chess grandmaster and former World Champion. Анатолий Карпов, гроссмейстер, 12-й чемпион мира по шахматам. © Sasha Krasnov, 2007

Once, my friend, who was big into chess since his childhood and played it at master level, suggested that we go to the Tal Memorial chess tournament and make a photoreport. This is quite a large-scale competition which brings together leading chess players from all over the globe.

Generally speaking, I am not really into chess, but still I was excited to seize this opportunity, as the Soviet chess supremacy was all over the media in my childhood, and Anatoly Karpov was really a household name. He remained undefeated for 10 years! And it turned out that he was taking part in the tournament, which was such a surprise for me.

Anatoly Karpov was the 12th world champion who lost to another outstanding chess player – Garry Kasparov – in 1985. I will cover his story in further article, it is a completely different story.

  • Camera: Pentax 645
  • Lens: 150mm F3.5
  • Film: Kodak Tri-X 400
// Sasha Krasnov