Paolo Roversi. Fashion photographer

Paolo Roversi is one of the most interesting fashion photographers with an exceptional sense of color and exquisite taste. He is notable for shooting in a now very rare technique involving Polaroid 8×10. Perhaps, this explains the unique color of his pictures.

Anyway, it was impossible to miss an exhibition of his photographs in Moscow, especially when the maestro himself was supposed to be present there.

I spotted Paolo Roversi there almost by accident — I was immersed in contemplating his works, and he appeared near them just out of the blue, giving a TV interview.

I did not even realize at first what was going on, but I then noticed a special light source on the TV camera pointed at him. I very quickly realized that there would be no other such opportunity to make his portrait.

Paolo Roversi, photographer. Hey, man! Nice camera you've got! © Sasha Krasnov Photography

Hey, man! Nice camera you've got!

I quickly loaded a film roll into my camera and started shooting. At some point, Paolo Roversi suddenly paused, looked in my direction and exclaimed:

Hey, man! You’ve got a nice camera!

With this phrase, he seemed to put a period at the end of a long sentence. Then he turned around and started answering questions from other journalists. The shooting was over as it was already difficult to shoot further.


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© Sasha Krasnov


  1. Thank you for the review on the Pentax 105mm and 90mm and… I’m also a fan of Paolo Roversi work!

    Great combination!

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