Boris Kupriyanov is a publisher, and not an ordinary one but rather one-of-a-kind. He does a great thing by publishing little-known authors and rare intellectual literature. His bookstore named Falanster has developed from a bookstall to a playground for heated poetry battles.

Unfortunately, every success attracts ill-wishers. One day the store was set on fire, but it was not completely burnt down and even some books were undamaged. After that, a poetic evening was arranged, at which Boris Kupriyanov sold scorched books to fund the opening of a new store. And indeed, he set up a new bookstore that still operates.

Once a booklover from New York texted me about the photo, on which Boris was photographed among the books. Incidentally, it was made before the arson took place. The man told me that such a place would be an ideal lodging for him because he is very fond of literature and that he would like to hang this photo on the wall so that it reminds him of his dream home.

The picture itself was made almost by accident. Shortly before it saw the light, I bought a wide-angle lens and always carried it with me, albeit I rarely used it. And when we went to the book warehouse and I saw these shelves filled with books up to the ceiling, I immediately realized that I want to frame all this space with a small man looking out of the books.


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