Konstantin Khabensky is a famous Russian actor, known in the West for his role of Anton Gorodetsky in the films Day Watch and Night Watch. He also runs a charity organization for children suffering from brain afflictions, which he founded after his wife died in 2008 from a brain tumor.

In September of 2005, I was assigned to snap his portrait by a Russian theatre magazine. During our first conversation, Konstantin said he’d prefer to have his street portrait taken rather than stage one. I came a little earlier to find the best location on the street where his theatre was located.

It appeared to be rather crowded, and since Konstantin Khabensky is very famous in Russia, it was rather difficult to find a cozy and quiet place where no one would disturb us. I shared my concerns with him and he jokingly suggested he’d put on the hood to remain unrecognizable to passers-by. So we did, taking his portrait against the white wall.

Then we decided to move to the inner courtyard of the theater, where the props from different plays were stored. We started discussing that it itself resembled “an outdoor stage but inside the theater”. Among the objects was a rather strange blackboard of incomprehensible purpose, which probably served as a background for some plays. Voila, another photo has appeared.


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