Pentax 67 MLU stuck mirror repair

Mirror stuck repair in Pentax 6X7/67 cameras

Mirror stuck up is a common problem of old Pentax 6X7/67 cameras when their mirror gets stuck in upper position after the shutter has fired and remained open….

Sunking 4LR44, Varta 4SR44, Kodak PX28 and 4pcs GP LR44

Four LR44 button cells as replacement for 4LR44/PX28/A544/476A battery

It is an open secret that Pentax 6X7 and 67 don’t run without power. While their mirror and cloth curtains are mechanically driven, they are in fact electrically…

Mamiya RB67 & RZ67 G2 bellows hood set on Pentax 67 90mm F2.8

Universal lens hood for Pentax 67 lenses

I’ve extensively used my Pentax 6X7 and 67 cameras for many years and especially like their high speed lenses — 90mm F2.8, 105mm F2.4, 150mm F2.8 and 165mm…