Pentax 6X7 Bayonet mount filter 67mm skylight

Pentax 67: Bayonet-mount filters

Bayonet-mount filters are another useful and interesting accessory for Pentax 67 lenses. While doing mostly black-and-white photography, it is almost impossible to go without special color filters helping…

Pentax adapter 645 for 67 lens

Pentax 67 lens to Pentax 645 body adapter

One of the most interesting accessories for the Pentax 67 system is a lens adapter for Pentax 645. You can now buy for cheap the body of its…

Pentax 67 Macro Extension Tubes

Pentax 67 Extension tubes & Exposure compensation

All extension tubes are designed to enable a camera lens to focus closer than a lens minimum object distance (MOD) for more magnification. Pentax 67 extension tubes are…