Eduard Boyakov is a well-known Russian producer, theater director, and drama teacher, who created the Praktika experimental theater in Moscow. I was offered with taking his portrait on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the prestigious Golden Mask theatrical award. He not only took an active part in its creation but also helped it gain its high status.

Eduard Boyakov, theater director #1 © Sasha Krasnov Photography

Eduard Boyakov, theater director #2 © Sasha Krasnov Photography

When I got to the shooting location and saw the interior, an idea struck me to put Eduard Boyakov between parallel bookshelves and set the light outside the shelves so that it passed through the rows of books on his face and background in the form of stripes and blemishes. The books itself give a hint to a theatrical background of his person.

Such a light somewhat resembles me the one used in classic black and white noir films. It is also very similar to stage light, which is used to emphasize the character’s disposition.

  • Camera: Pentax MZ-5N
  • Lens: Pentax 50mm F1.4
  • Film: Fomapan 100
© Sasha Krasnov