Valery Koshlyakov, artist  - black and white portrait. Валерий Кошляков, художник © Sasha Krasnov - Portrait Photographer

Valery Koshlyakov is a famous Russian artist living in Paris. His road to fame started at the Art or Death (Iskusstvo ili Smert) movement, which was one of the most provocative and outstanding group of young artists during the Perestroika period.

One of the distinctive features of his style is a frequent use of cardboard from packaging boxes for household appliances, as well as a colored adhesive tape placed directly on the wall.

I have known other members of this art group, which included not only artists but also poets, for many years. Valery once complained to me that he was about to hold a major exhibition, but did not have a good portrait of him for a complete catalog of his works.

In that case, I decided to disregard all the rules and make his portrait in profile as if it was a bas-relief on a commemorative medal.

// Sasha Krasnov