Yuri Amigo, actor - black and white portrait. Юрий Амиго, актер © Sasha Krasnov, 2010

Yuri Amigo is a Russian actor with a foreign-sounding surname and a very impressive and unusual appearence. I made this studio portrait of him prior to 50th anniversary of his artistic carrier for a theatre magazine article about him.

We met in the theatre and looked for a while for a suitable shooting site. During the search we were struck by an idea to simply go to a small stage where no performances were scheduled for that day. I set up flashlights straight at the stage and used the curtain as a background, which I requested to be put down for a while.

As we all are always short of time, Yuri first prepared for a performance he was playing in – Mikhail Bulgakov’s “Zoya’s apartment” – and put on stage clothes.

// Sasha Krasnov