German Lukomnikov, poet - black and white studio portrait. Герман Лукомников (Бонифаций), поэт. © Sasha Krasnov - Portrait Photographer

German Lukomnikov is a poet and performer, who has authored over 12 poetry books. In 2015 he got 2nd place at the Worldwide Poetry Slam in Paris. But he is not just a poet, he is also a palindromist who makes up sentences that read the same backward as forward.

He is also a children’s writer working under a pseudonym “Bonifacius” after a lion cub from the Soviet cartoon, whose mane resembled German’s hairstyle.

Once he asked me to take a portrait of him for a poster promoting one of his performances in Prague. We decided to go with a headshot making his eye expression look a bit crazy.

// Sasha Krasnov