Ira, outdoor black and white portrait © Sasha Krasnov - Portrait Photographer

This is Ira, a producer. She is currently working on a very important documentary film. About the forest. Very few people make films about “the green lungs” of our planet because many tend to think that it is something lifeless, not suitable for shooting.

But Ira does film it. Because the forest is a major living organism, integral and large, where everything is interconnected. Ira works selflessly, collecting the money needed via crowdfunding platforms, gathering a team of like-minded people, – and eventually makes the movie.

Until the moment when Ira asked me to make her portrait, I had known her for several years. We communicated quite often, but our acquaintance was merely virtual. She repeatedly commissioned me to do photoshoots of different personalities for the magazine she worked for at that time. But we had never met in reality.

Ira outdoor portrat colour. © Sasha Krasnov - Portrait Photographer

Finally this moment has come! Once Ira returned from another film shoot and invited me out, this time to make her portrait. We met in central Moscow and just went for a walk which turned into a two-hour outdoor photo session.

At one point we found an arch between two houses. The indirect light that passed through it was an ideal source of soft light covering a certain area. We also used a light-coloured wall as a background.

Thus, on the one side we had a source of light whose light pattern resembled that of a very big softbox, while on the other side, a reflector to compensate shadows. It all resulted in a series of outdoor portraits identical to ones shot in a studio with a big source of soft light.

// Sasha Krasnov