George Pusenkoff, artist - black and white portrait. Георгий Пузенков, художник. © Sasha Krasnov - Portrait Photographer

George Pusenkoff is a somewhat unique artist who experiments with pixels in all their manifestations. His work “Single Mona Lisa 1:1” was once aboard the International Space Station. His another work “The Power of Blue” was a subject of the court case with Helmut Newton who accused Pusenkoff of plagiarism, but the latter managed to defend his authorship.

It was an art magazine which commissioned a portrait of the artists. We met in a restaurant adjacent to Russia’s famed Bolshoi Theater with the eponymous name, which had many works of Pusenkoff on display. Magazines often have their own idea of ​​what photos should be like for an article, so they themselves decide where and how to shoot. At least they think so.

I made a few photos there but realized very quickly that I did not like that place at all. However, I noticed that on the opposite side of the street there was a building with a perfect white wall without relief, filled with scattered light. I took out my Yashica Mat 124 and we went outside to make a portrait against that simple background.

// Sasha Krasnov