Photographs in this section are not just portraits of some people shot at a certain time and in a certain place. There is always a story behind each of them, which for me is inseparable from photos themselves. That is why I always diligently describe all the nuances of their creation. Time passes, details wear off, people get forgotten, but I continue to simply carry on my narrative.

Chuck Berry performing "Johnny B. Goode". Чак Берри, музыкант © Sasha Krasnov - Portrait Photographer

Chuck Berry. Moments from a single concert

Chuck Berry is such a world-famous figure that I can hardly add anything significant to the description of his personality. I can only happily talk about the day…

Anatoly Karpov, chess grandmaster and former World Champion. Анатолий Карпов, гроссмейстер, 12-й чемпион мира по шахматам © Sasha Krasnov

Anatoly Karpov. 12th World Chess Champion

Anatoly Karpov is a great chess player who was the 12th world chess champion. After the controversial termination of 1984 Championship which became the first and only, world…