Film photography

Here I write on photography-related topics of interest for me, for instance, about film rolls, their development, exposure and everything else that I find interesting and deserving attention.

Sunny 16 Rule - ORWO CHROM UT21

Exposure with extended sunny 16 rule

Too many words already said about the sunny 16 rule. But, I’ve discovered an old user manual which was included in each box with ORWO CHROM UT21, a…

Kodak D-76 Developer, Revelateur, Entwickler, Rivelatore, Revelador

Film developing with Kodak D-76

Kodak D-76 is a classic and truly versatile developer which first entered the market in 1927. It provides full emulsion speed, long density range and excellent shadow detail…

6x7 and 6x6 formats example on 120 film type by Sasha Krasnov

12 reasons why I still shoot film

Why am I doing film photography in the digital era? There are many reasons for this. In a nutshell, I like the aesthetics of film photography and the…